HYDE – the final statement of Dr Jekyll

From the famous novella, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.Adapted and performed by David Davies.



Hyde – the final statement of Dr Jekyll describes the events that led to the struggle between the good Dr Jekyll and his evil alter ego, Mr Hyde. Jekyll realising that time is running out must get his final statement down on paper. He tells us the entire story from his ambition to prove that man is truly two to the discovery of the formula. Will he manage to tell his story or will Edward Hyde emerge as the dominant voice of this gothic tale? Will Hyde take over so that he can indulge his monstrous pleasures? Will Dr Jekyll succeed in making his final statement? Or will Mr Hyde take over his body forever?

Gretta Hall Tamlyn’s costume design includes top hat, frock coat and cape. The setting is London, 1886 where the streets are full of fog. Based on the classic novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, this one-man adaptation by David Davies is a 55 minute Victorian psycho thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Costumes by Gretta Hall-Tamlyn

Poster by Jana Krueger


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The Next Performance: Sterts Theatre, Liskeard, UK -  02/04/2016

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2016 Lindau – Vallentin Heider Schule

2015 Bamberg Dienhofer Gymnasium

2015 Cologne – International English Club

2015 Bamberg – VHS Grosse Saal

2015 Lindau – Stadtmuseum Lindau, Innenhof

2015 Kaisersesch MGH

2015 Koblenz – Kulturfabrik

2015 Colonge – VHS

2015 Kentwell Hall, Suffolk, The Overcroft Theatre

2014 The Irish Pub Koblenz

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